Monday, 30 August 2010

Paul Signing Off

Paul passed away on Sunday evening in the most courageous beautiful way. Hes now resting with the angels and will suffer no more. It makes his family so proud to know the impact this blog has had on others and gave Paul great solace throughout his illness. Thankyou to everyone who has followed his story, he will be laid to rest on Thursday 2nd September amidst a blaze of purple and the biggest party he has ever been to. The Funeral will take place at 1.30pm within St.Simon Church Partick Cross Glasgow, all are welcome to attend and say goodbye to an angel.

Peace, Love and everylasting life.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Blog No. 83.

As you may well have known I was off to that London for a visit for a few days. What an amazing time I had. As soon as I got off the train it was botox and lip filling time, so I went to the amazing Teena Williams. What a woman she gave me a very generous discount and instead of keeping the money for herself gave me a cheque to post written out to to marie curie, fir the amount I paid.

Such an act of generosity made me cry, right in her office. What an amazing job she's done face almost non moving and lips so luscious you could kiss them in the mirror for hours. I still cant get over the act of kindness she did, it will be remembered for a long time to come and again I would like to thank her, so thank you Teena Williams. If anyone in London needs work done get in touch and I will give you her contact info.

So second day was spent with slightly bruised lips, but they looked amazing. We (me and Garry) went to my old shop I worked in. Year Zero where I got lots of the best clothes and free gifts to wear, which I cant also say thank you enough for so thank you guys.

Tatum and Rocky from the shop also took me and Garry for lunch it was Devinne. Was to a little restaurant called Balans, love it in there. Which was also very sweet of them. I stuffed myself on Calamari and fries, delish!!! I had such a lovely day was a bit like a homecoming in a way. I so miss that shop and being part of it. I managed to work there for nine months which is such a long time for me.

So later that night me and Garry had the knife opera "Tomorrow in a year" to go and see which was the main reason for my trip. It turned out to be a bit of a visual let down, music amazing and sound phenomenal but the visuals, from a group where you expect so much more from where such a let down. Didn't make any sense as with the dancers, they weren't even dancing not even in what could be called a contemporary fashion.

We decided to walk out just before the end, we where both pretty tired and where to disappointed to stay. We where both glad and happy we went to see it and it was still good but just not what you would expect from genius. A few other people had also walked out and where complaining too so at least it wasn't just us.

We then went home and had an early night as I had a very big day ahead of me on Thursday. I was feeling nervous and slightly anxious as I was meeting family some of whom I hadn't seen for 20 years. My half sister, cousins, and aunt Kay. So I had a nice long sleep and rest.

The big day came, and my nerves wore off. I was meeting them at covent garden which I love. The first person I met was my half sister sammi. Just as well I had big sunglasses on as I was very tearful. Then was my cousin Louise's turn to show face, same full of emotion but the big sunglasses helped hide that.

We had wait about an hour for my aunt Kay to arrive as she was coming at a different time. We went for a juice and a chat, and it was as though it was only a week since we had last saw each other. We just fitted in, my Aunt Kay turned up and it was full house. we spent the whole day in covent garden where I bought 2 new pairs of doc martens.

Lovely jubbley. We then went for a snack and pimms, I couldn't drink the pimms of course so had a cola instead. We then met my cousin Ian straight from his work and I went to a sweet shop and spent over 40 quid on sweets including, lucky charms breakfast cereal, my favourite.

We then ventured to another restaurant even though I was still full fro the big plate of tiger prawns I had just eaten. We went to the most beautiful place on Drury lane called Starastora or something like that, it was a delight on the eyes inside. everywhere covered in trinkets and fabric, booths up in the Gods which where all different. it was stunning. The toilets even had very graphic pictures of the Kama Sudra painted all over the walls, doors, ceilings it was amazing.

The food was delicious but the service wasn't the quickest, there was even a man serenading us while we all ate. The day sadly came to an end here as I just got so tired. I had to say my goodbye's and we have made arrangement's for them to come up and visit in September. I had a blast that day and can't get over how we all fitted in like old shoes.

The next day was Friday and basically my last day as leaving Saturday. I met up with a few friends, went for lunch and done a little bit more shopping, mainly in the Vivienne Westwood sale. I got lovely stuffs, won't tell you though you will just have to guess what it is. I ended up in pain on Friday night and after sadly saying bye to my friends made my way back to Garry's house, got some food.

I settled in front of the TV it was bliss. Took some very strong morphine to try ease off the pain so I could get on with packing. That was a task and was very difficult in the pain I was in. But I am a trooper and managed it all.

So Saturday came, and it was my last day. I woke Garry up to go for my last London proper greasy spoon breakfast. sausage egg and chips. My fuel for the day. It was then time to get back to Garry's and finalise everything for the journey home.

The taxi came and we left in plenty of time to get to the station and sort getting around with me in the wheelchair etc... The total lack if help was astonishing, we couldn't get a trolley so getting around was so difficult, no one would help us in the station at all the total swines. I started to stress and freak and cry as couldn't deal with getting on the train.

Garry came to the rescue as he always does. He found someone helpful who gave us a trolley for the luggage and said we would get help on the platform which was a relief. I managed to go on the train in one piece which was a stressful relief. I managed to get settled into my first class coach and then it was bliss. I was sad to be leaving, but also happy to be going home.

I was so excited to my sister and Chris. It was worth the journey home to see them again.

To think I almost didn't make it down, as I was sick for the few days before, but I managed to regain my composure as always and it was the most wonderful trip I have had especially after being locked away for such a long time.

So it's now time to leave you with my thought of the day...

Egg and chips or full fry up?

Peace Love and London fun.