Sunday, 27 June 2010

Blog No. 76.

So here I am about to apologise for not keeping in touch, but hey so what. I have been busy with hospitals, professors, surgeons and hospice visits let alone actually being able to get up and about a little bit too. My spirits are a bit higher than what they where before. My energy is starting to come back.

Also on my visits to these various medics, I discovered my liver is working at one hundred percent so that is a huge relief to me. The cancer hasn't attached there yet which I cant tell you how happy that makes me actually feel.

I have had my pain medication reviewed and I am now on morphine, it's a slow release version with a top up kind of tablet to go with it. The side effects haven't been too severe and I am gradually feeling better. When I am awake I don't feel dopey, I do get tired out still but all in all I am starting to feel more like me again.

It's a gradual process and I still have a long ways to go until I feel normal again, but at least for now I can feel an improvement in myself which I can only feel positive about. The past 2 months have been incredibly difficult, probably the toughest out of the whole lot, if not my life.
But they are behind me now and for now I can see a little bit of a future for me.

But, I have decided to stop DJ'ing for a while, I can't guarantee my health from one date to the next, and for now I need as little pressure on me as possible. Hopefully I can still do something with it from time to time but for now I have to wave goodbye. Which is quite sad for me but for the long run it has to be done.

I went to view the marie curie hospice at stobhill hospital on Friday and I am blown away by it. The place is amazing. I would actually move into it now. You get a private room, with a balcony or landscaped garden. The views are stunning, the chefs will cook you whatever your hearts desire while you are which is a nice touch.

The building is very well designed with so many small touches that really make a difference. Your family or partner can stay over night with you too which will make you feel more at home.
They offer so many complimentary health therapy's from hypnotherapy to acupuncture all free as well. Over all I am very impressed by the place.

I am now just chilling at home with my dog and going to have a very hot steamy bath to relax and enjoy as for the first time in ages it doesn't feel like a chore.

So my thought of the day is...

Donate money to marie cure, and macmillan cancer charities as without them I as so many others would be lost, even 50p makes a difference.

Peace love and charitable donations,

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