Thursday, 22 July 2010

Blog No. 82.

So as I am lying wide awake in this bed at the hospice. I have decided to put to good this non sleeping and write my latest entry. A whole bunch of stuff has happened, some good and some bad but I will leave it up to you to decide which is which. As I said I am in the Marie Curie hospice.

I told you before how amazing it is when I came to be shown around and I won't lie it has not been a disappointment. I have built up a rapore with most of the Nurses and care staff which makes being here a lot more fun.

The reason I was admitted here was due to a pain in my right rib. It was as though a horse had kicked me and then attacked me. So I sent my magic nurse Linda a little text at 8.30am to let her know I may need to come and basically about an hour later she called to say there was a room available for me.

I got pumped full of drugs I still am but there being reduced each day to a more manageable level is better. As I am writing this now, I am back home. you should see the size of the bag its massive. I now have to take an injection everyday to thin my blood as the pain in my chest was blood clots which s a relief as it could have been the cancer spreading. I am hoping I am going to be fit enough for my trip to London on Tuesday.

`i really need this trip been looking forward to it as it will be nice to see old faces and see some of which i haven't seen for about 20. I just need to see my old life

Anyway I shall leave you with my thought of the day....


  1. well pleased you back home,keep texting you but still not sure got right number..hope to see you in london next week but you must be sure you up to it.. if not we will come to you in couple of weeks..luv and kisses..auntie kay xxx

  2. i thought i text you back aunty kay i am so sorry also i have been asleep most of today but i will let you know tomorrow if i am coming down cant wait to see you!


  3. "Ye no wanting my number...
    well how about some buckfast then?"

    That was the last time I saw your lovely persona.First time round, you pinned me against the wall in The Buff, after another night ripping it up with D, and licked my face.
    What an introduction to Thee Mr.Mister.

    In the tiny town of Glasgow I saw you do your thing...and I will always know what the full version of 'I Feel Love' means ;)

    You have no equal.

    Mikey xx (Buff Club/Bloc)