Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Blog No. 78.

So yesterday the piece about my blog went up on the guardian online website, here's the link so you can read it it's about me and two other young people who have cancer and blog about it. I would recommend that you have a look at there blogs also.

I am actually very proud of the piece and that my little blog is getting so much attention. It kind of makes me very humble to know that people are interested in me, and what I have to say. I never expected this in a million years. So I would like to thank Carlene Thomas-Bailey for writing the piece and being so lovely in her correspondence with me. So thank you to well you :-).

I have managed to have the sleeps (don't know if that's a real word) of my life. One for 16 hours and then 24 hours. I guess my body has had a lot of sleep to catch up on. Yet again I have been put onto more painkillers well there more for nerve pain. There a muscle relaxant also. They are called Gabapentin. The reason for these is because my body is so sensitive and tender to being touched, and not in a nice way.

Hopefully these will help with my sex life as recently it has been suffering quite bad. I am lucky I have a very open relationship with Chris and can talk to him about anything. He is very understanding about this. I cant bare to be touched in the areas I used to love as pain shoots from legs up into my abdomen which is very strange.

I am also being referred to a sex specialist which I think will be very interesting and there's pills I can be put onto to increase my libido. I am not at the stage of Viagra yet it still works ha ha. But I just don't have much of a drive to me, I don't even pleasure myself which is when you know its bad.

I can't believe I have mentioned my libido but hey I aim to be honest on here and let people know what changes and tribulations I go through. I feel like an onion in a way. There's so many layers of problems and when one is fixed, the one underneath then stands out to be the next issue. I must be a big onion as there is always something new which frustrates me.

It's not like I haven't noticed it until it stands out it's just that other things are a bigger problem such as pain, and when that is fixed the next problem or layer of onion stands out. Why do I feel like Donkey from Shrek right now? Must be the onion talk.

My appetite is on the up and I feel like I am starting to look healthier and a little fuller (but still skeletal) around the face. But I can't stop picking and eating. I am actually enjoying food again, I know it's the steroids that are doing it but who cares. I thought I was becoming anorexic through illness as I just didn't want to eat and hated food. It was like being anorexic apart from hating being thin.

All this talk about food and onions has made me hungry and for breakfast I think I will have either a burger with onion's or a hot dog with onion's ha ha YUMMY.

So my thought of the day is...

Does anyone know where there is a house made of food I could eat?

Peace Love and Onion breathe.

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