Saturday, 1 May 2010

Blog No. 65.

What a wonderful nights sleep I had last night. These new sleeping pills and painkillers are amazing. I had to pick up more prescriptions today, one is for my scalp a lotion, as its breaking out and I am starting to loose my hair more noticeably even though I know tricks to hide to hide it and have good products so you won't really notice. It's still a strange thing getting used to it, how it feels how I can style it and how I can have it cut.

But my scalp has been really uncomfortable and sore for about a week now, I have lost a little of my hair its just mainly got thinner and receded quite a bit more. It's a weird thing to go on about but if i shaved my head it would be my choice not to have hair but loosing it like this feels like another battle but not one that consumes me.

I do like having hair as it identifies who you are and makes a statement about who you are too.
But all in all I am not too fussed about it.

I am also on a kind of laxative as the painkillers I am on can cause me to be blocked up, it's more of a sugar syrup than a pill I don't really know how it works but it tastes nice. A bit like maple syrup, Better not take too much or I will have funny marks in me pants hahaha.

Tonight I am going to have a nice romantic dinner with Chris, really looking forward to it it will be our first kind of date as we usually go for a night out when I am feeling fit enough but usually are confined to the house because I am to sick to go out.

Can't tell you how much I am looking forward to it. Will be nice ah bless. I need to tidy up the flat and walk the dog but I have plenty of time. Mind you the painkillers have made me get a bit a spacey at times so I feel everything will be done in a rush this evening as I don't seem to notice time has passed.

Well I guess I should go and stare into space a bit more and enjoy my relaxing afternoon before I have to tidy and clean up.

So the thought of the day is...

Staring into Space or going into Space?

Peace, Love and Space Raider's

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