Saturday, 8 May 2010

Blog No. 67.

So the move was quite simple, basically got picked up and just have to wait on my stuff to follow. Will take a few days to get everything organised properly but I am happy to know all I have to do now is basically settle. Glad to be where I have to moved to it's a very nice quiet area. We have our own garden which is great for the dog. The projector for TV isn't bad either.

There's loads to do I won't lye but it's basically unpacking and organising which is usually the most fun part I find anyway. I am just glad to have my own space at last. This is only a temporary move until me and my sister find our own place. But gives us time to think and look, and gives me my own space. Somewhere to call my own for now.

The dog doesn't travel very well as he cries so for the car journey I had to basically bribe him with dog chews to keep him quiet. He has now gone a bit manic and went wild in the garden. he will be sniffing around and around and around for days. It usually takes him three to four working days settle.

I am so excited as for my birthday Chris is buying me a memory foam mattress. I should have it next week and I tell you I can not repeat can not wait to sleep in it. Especially after how my back has been through not having a real bed. So thank you to my stunning boyfriend for that pure hundreds of love to you :-)

I still haven't pooped properly but will keep you updated on this as I am sure you are really fascinated by it. I know I am. My stomach is like a jacuzzi the noises its making are probably effecting the Richter scale I'm sure.

Well I have some organising and settling in to do so I shall leave you with my thought of the day...

If you could have a jacuzzi built into your stomach what colour would it be?

Peace love and gurgling bubbles

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