Friday, 7 May 2010

Blog No. 66.

So where to begin firstly with apologies for not writing for a few days. I been sick and in hospital. Will let you know whats been going on in this blog. It's been a busy old week for me.
I had my intravenous chemo on Tuesday, which was such a long day as was up at six to wait on patient transport. It didn't turn up so was late for my appointment at nine.

I had to have my arm x-Rayed as my pic line (the tube in my arm) had moved. It had moved to far so had to come out. Such a relief not having it in but more annoying in a way as now have to have drips forced into my veins, and it now hurts having the chemo, not just getting it but arm been sore for a few days. But at least I can shower properly now.

So what was up with me? Basically Constipation. Don't sound too terrible, but I been blocked up for nearly 2 weeks. That's how I ended up in hospital in first place. I got took to hospital on wed night to make sure nothing has happened to my stent, I got transferred to a different hospital as the one I was in was full.

I was kept in overnight and everything is "fine". They think it's the painkillers I am on that has caused the blockages, but they had to be sure and as I wasn't able to eat or drink for a few days they wanted to give me a drip. I kept getting pumped full of morphine which is fun in it's on way.

I got sent a nurse from the Beatson who came and went through my meds with me, she decided to change my pain relief to a morphine based painkiller in a low dose, which has helped Its two different forms of the same medicine, oxycodone is the medicine, it comes it two forms, one is a slow release tablet I take twice a day and the other form of same medicine, is one i can take whenever I need to as often, which as it says on the box is for breakthrough pain relief.

They kind of make you a bit dazed, but I am used to that feeling. I also received an enema, kinda strange thing that is and was given some to take home to try flush me out. I know pleasant conversation this is. I do tell all don't I?

While I was in hospital there was arrests made, people fighting the lot. Then when I was moved to the second hospital there was a junkie in the bed next to mines, who was at it. He overheard my story as I relayed it between one medical person to the next and decided to pass on what i was saying to his family, he tried to copy my symptoms and behaviour to get some Morhpine, the staff saw through this. But God loves a trier.

It was kind of funny as he was getting all these bits mixed up and I did have a giggle at him. He then tried to play the doctors off against each other, and he was eventually signed out as fit and healthy with a dose of methadone too for his trouble. I overheard him on the phone to his dealer which was amusing as he thought if he had his back to me I couldn't hear him.

Now where am I at? Oh yes so I am out of hospital having a bit of bowel action. I move flat tomorrow (Saturday), me and my sister move in with her boyfriend for a few months. We are there so I can have my own room while me and her flat hunt. I cant wait to have some sort of sanctuary I tell you. Makes all the difference having your own space.

I feel like I have so much more to tell you about, I feel like I have been cheating my readers the past while as I haven't been typing an entry everyday, But it is hard for me sometimes, and sometimes I find myself empty or not much has happened and you can't really make up a lot on these things as you always get caught out.

I shall let you know how the move goes tomorrow so until then,

My thought of the day...

Is two the loneliest number?

Peace Love and flitting bits.

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