Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Blog No. 49.

YES I am fine, I just been having time to myself, I know I ended up in hospital over the weekend with excruciating pain, and got pumped full of morphine, but its to be expected that I get pains as I am sick. So no more "are you OK?" messages please folks if I'm not you will know I am not.

Anyways, on Thursday I went out as had a blast of energy and had an absolute ball and was very messy, sorry art school but yes I am back. Then I was ill from the night out most of Friday. On Friday evening the pain started, I put it down to the night out then it got progressively worse. I phoned the beatson (cancer clinic) and they said it was nothing to with the night out and get to A and E.

I thought great it's 4am on Saturday morning bank holiday weekend, but my sister took me and I was seen straight away. The staff where amazing, but the crap they have to put up with is ridiculous. Don't know how many arrests where made. These people are doing there job HELPING people and they dish out abuse and refuse treatment. It really annoyed me, until the morphine kicked in.

I got out on Saturday afternoon and was fine, the pain came back slightly on Sunday but was OK.
The boy came over Saturday and he left today (wed) He is a very nice form of medicine. He is making me a happy bunny just now and that's all I really want to say, I took him to meet my family on Easter Sunday and they loved him. Bless.

Anyway I am going to eat as I had to fast for 14 hours and I have ti make up for lost time.

Though for the day?

What would you have as your last meal?

Peace Love and Roast dinners...


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  1. cheese and wine of course!

    a big buffet just with Italian Antipasti. That makes a boy like me content for days.