Friday, 16 April 2010

Blog No. 56.

I can not thank and believe how many reads I have had on my blog over 11,300. Absolutely amazing and thank you for reading. I mainly do it as i type what flows into my head and read a week behind so I can look back and see how I felt and what differences I have. I also want raise awareness, get yourself checked out even if no history in your family.

I had no symptoms for five years, and look at me now. Get yourself checked just do it better to get it caught early rather than be in the position of waiting your death. I want to go on TV and talk about this as men in general ignore there health. I had piles from straining on the loo so much which is a sign of bowel cancer, but can be simple enough to just be piles.

I am upbeat today as have a gig tomorrow and no matter how rough I am I will do it, The show must go on. I love that phrase at its true. I can not wait for tomorrow, it's a bar gig so an early one 8-12 which means if I am rough I don't have to be out late.

Chris is spending a few days with me I love him being here he really makes me forget but I wasn't much company last night as was very sick and tired but he held me and looked after me, and he is such an amazing guy I can't tell you.

I hope my new decks arrive today, damn couriers I need them for tomorrow as I want to do an amazing job with my set. I see decks as instruments not merely a way of playing music. They are the same one's i used to have which I used to death but they have built in sound effects and you can digitally scratch as they are CD decks and do some amazing stuff with them.

Today I am just nauseous feeling but the anti sickness are helping me with that. I had a good nights sleep and awoke to an amazing gift from julienne (from fabric) A whole collection of there CD's and fabric ice cube tray and fabric's oven glove. I am in heaven and I love you so so much salope I really really do.

So I Guess I better go as have about 20 CD's to work through and will keep me lifted for months.

So the thought of the day is...


Peace Love and Chateaux Madame



  1. I LOVE YOU ma salope. have a bl;ast with your cds, dont put them in the oven and dont put the icecube tray in the cd player.
    love you baby you're the best
    chateau madame