Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Blog No. 54.

Well yesterday the chemo hit me like a brick. I still felt rubbish until i started to listening to music, now I am dancing in my bed. Like I have caught a bug. Music is my life I guess and without it I am nothing. Love how it's lifted me in an instant. Like a drug.

I have ran out of fags and to scared to go to the shop as I am on cold avoiding duties and the pins and needles are really putting me off. But I went and managed It. I am smoking so much just now, but it's my only vice that and sex.

I think this cycle of chemo is really gonna hit me hard. I feel really rough already, slightly better after the music listening but not a 100%.

I been thinking about my funeral and truly meant what i said a few blogs back except the webcam. I want to put the fun into funeral. a FUN-ERAL. I know people may think it's daft but I want to be celebrated not mourned. I lived life to the full and want to go out with a bang.

Today I am looking forward to seeing my boyfriend tomorrow and getting my new decks tomorrow. My beautiful froggy friend who works for the club fabric (high up you know) she helps with running is sending me a collection of there cd's today cant wait more presents and music.

Julienne is the most amazing salope (french for bitch) that has entered my joyous life. She has taught me things you can't imagine and been a sprit in disguise. LA NUIT julienne LA FUCKING NUIT. J'adore vous mon salope bisous bisous.

OK I am going to go and listen to some music and lift myself.

So the thought of the day is...

Let the music flow into your body and lift your soul for it's the medicine of life.

Peace, Love and MUSIC IS DISEASE


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