Thursday, 8 April 2010

Blog No. 50.

So today I had an appointment with my psychologist. Not the most fun day drudging things out realising what I really feel and how lost I actually am. Not knowing where to turn or what direction i need to go in. It's real overwhelming at times. I live a non-existent existence. At times I get to exist but not enough.

I have lots of underlying stress which is coming out in funny ways, I have developed a nervous type of stutter which I find really embarrassing and my throat keeps clicking. It could be due to the medication I am on but the psychologist says it's down to stress. I find it so weird and when it gets worse when I get stressed or nervous or think about it. Funny how these things can effect you isn't it?

I have no and I mean no energy today either. So much for my week off. I am full of stutters and no energy and had most of it filled up with appointments. At least the boy is coming over that will cheer me up and I may meet up with some friends if I can find the energy.

Last night my amazing star of a friend Fredward came to visit me, he's up from London for a wee visit while he's off studying. I am so proud of him as he is truly following his dream and is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. He is a star and he doesn't know how much he means to me truly ONE of the massive inspirations in my life. LOVE you ya wee swine.

so my thought of the day is...

P P P P Pick up a P P P P Penguin...

peace love and chocolate biscuits.


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