Thursday, 22 April 2010

Blog No. 59.

So today is the day of all days. I have my psychic night tonight really looking forward to it. And since yesterdays reiki I feel amazing. This stuff really works. Cant wit for tonight as Rosie gets to meet my boyfriend Chris which is exciting and then the readings.

I also came up with the theme for my birthday party in a month from nows time, ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD" I want joan and jackie collins glamour twisted with ghetto chic bling. Total wow factor is what I am looking for and can't wait for it as I need this birthday to be amazing as I don't know what will happen next year.

I am celebrating my birthday early as I get my last dose of chemo on the day of my birthday before I get my break.

I have to totally tidy this flat up for tonight and shower and look nice. I am really looking forward to meeting the psychic she said she is really tall and she is an older woman. She sounds really interesting on the phone and I still don't have a sore back how amazing's that.

So today I have a good day and will tomorrow with Chris as he staying over. Then on Saturday is my club night which I am so excited for as I have my new decks and get to use them for the first time and will be able to DJ the way I know I can and by that I mean good.

The night will be mayhem which I love watching and joining in on I come alive again when I DJ as music is my soul, my life and my disease. It fixes me from opera, to metal, to uplifting house and even pounding dirty electro. It all moves me in ways I cant describe.

I guess I should go and tidy up and shower and all that crap.

So the the thought of the day is...

psychic or psycho?

Peace Love and channelling


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