Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Blog No. 58.

So I have been spending the day with Garry starmanny with the star before he jets off back to London this evening. We have had a total ball while he has been here and today we are just being chilled watching trashy TV. A very nice and sweet friend came over and gave the both of us reiki and WOW go get it off someone (as long as if they know what they are doing).

Its such a relief and the feelings of my chemo seem to have evaporated. It's hard to describe what it feels like, it's just energy flowing through your body and you feel where the energy is its so hard to describe. But I feel OK now and so does he.

She knew exactly where my tumour was and where i have pins in my hip and that I have a bad knee. weird.

I am so excited about the piece The Guardian are doing on blog and wish it was now that it was now the piece was done. But patience is a virtue.

I am going to back and spend time with my friend Garry as we only have a couple of hours left before he goes back to the big smoke.

The thought for the day is...

Reiki me up before you go go

Peace, Love and at one with the universe


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