Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Blog No. 57.

I know I not written for a few days but I been catching up with two of my friends one whom has been travelling the world for nine months and the other who is up from London. The show went on on Saturday night. It was fun I had a ball even when I had to finish early due to a technical fault, but in all was a great night.

Been spending loads of time with my friends this weekend and my beau. Can't tell you how nice it is to have the people I have in my life I am truly lucky and blessed. We chatted drank wine listened to music and watched DVD's.

This morning I checked my E-mail's and The Guardian newspaper have gotten in touch to do a piece about me and my blog in the next week or two. I am so happy at this. Finally I can maybe get some sort of message out to even more people and I feel honoured that they have decided on me.

As for how I am feeling well the chemo has definitely started to kick in. I feel so tired and lethargic. Vomiting less but feels more harsh how nice. I have my club night on Saturday but I will be feeling fine by then. I was supposed to see my psychic on Sunday evening, but she had to cancel as had an emergency but she was on the phone to me for about 20 minutes and told some interesting stuff

She said I can feel your back pain and then she took it away, this was Friday when she rang and my back hasn't been sore since. I am so looking forward to meeting her on Thursday will be an experience at least.

I am going to go just now as I have to take today's first dose of chemo. Happy days

So my thought of the day is...

What would you do if you found weasels under your bed?

Peace Love and Happy Days (i used to love that show)



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