Saturday, 24 April 2010

Blog No. 61.

So I am currently at Chris's parents house while he preens himself for tonight's shenanigans. I so can't wait for my night tonight, have my new decks to play with and some new sounds to experiment with. All in all an exciting day.

Went into town to book my cruise, well price so we're currently at 865 per person, lets see how much we finally get for before we book it next week. It's with celebrity cruises 5* liners they look amazing and will be so relaxing. We are not planning to go until the 18th September and it's a Mediterranean cruise so weather with still be nice and warm.

I have so much to do today like sort out music, burn CD's and plan my look for this evening.

So I guess I better go and get on with it.

The thought of the day is....

If God is a DJ does that mean I am God?

Peace love and busy bee's

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