Friday, 23 April 2010

Blog No. 60.

So where to begin, I had my psychic night last night and it was amazing. Hard to describe the way she gives you a reading, it's like talking to an old friend who knows you, she doesn't really go in any particular order and so you get one bit of info, then more about something else then she comes back. She even impersonates the people to a total tee alive or dead when she speaking about them.

She told me all about my illness and knew where I feel pain and that I go to the toilet more often and that the cancer had spread. She had strong vibes of music about me and seen me as a DJ. She said that's when I truly come alive and shine, I kind of act while I DJ. She also See's me going back into fashion in a year or two with someone with a fat cheque, we'll see about that.

She knew everything about how I used to live my life, my old diet exactly what I ate. She even spoke about my relationship with Chris and said he was sent to me and I have gotten better since meeting him, which I have. She also knew that had been talking about going to Brighton for a weekend and that we are soul mates. She also said I could choke him at times which is true as he always runs late and it drives me mad.

That's all I am really going to say other than it was amazing and if your in Scotland and want her contact number E-mail me or facebook me if your on my facebook.

She told Chris pretty much the same about us two and my friend Rosie's reading was all true too.

It really zapped your energy and I fell asleep for the first time in an age without sleeping pills last night and had a real deep nice sleep.

I have my club night tomorrow and can't wait to come alive again.

Today I am feeling really good and positive apart from my sore head.

So the thought for today is...

Fresh peas or frozen?

Peace, Love and Eve


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