Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Blog No. 63.

Sorry yesterdays blog wasn't amazing but I wasn't feeling amazing. I have ran out of sleeping pills and not slept properly for about a week. It really effects me as I do love my sleep. I miss being able to sleep naturally. I used to take pills called melatonin. Which if you research into them reduce the ageing process, help with menopause, cancer, immune system and many other benefits. Melatonin is the hormone your Brain produces to send you to sleep.

You used to be able to buy in Holland and Barret here until it got taken off the shelves but is available in the USA over the counter therefor it's available on eBay and very cheap too. I have taking them before as sleeping pills and they work, so I believe in there health benefits as well as there sleeping power.

I been having bad stomach cramps the past few days, round the area where the tumour is. Not been too pleasant the past few days, I feel better than I did the last few days, thank God. But still never feel amazing. I am now on my first day of no chemo until next Tuesday. So a few days of my body repairing then I will feel fine then BANG straight back into the routine.

I only have 2 more cycles around 7 weeks left until I hopefully get a bit of a break from it all. I can't wait to have this break I don't know how long I will have but even a month without being controlled by appointments, chemo, planning when I feel good to do something, which is usually spur of the moment as I can't say on this day I will feel like this...

I wish I could say when I will be feeling what and when I am going to be feeling it. But c'est la vie. It's all in the hands of the God's as they say.

I better go and eat something now I have a bit of an appetite.

So the thought of the day is...

Mel and Kim or melatonin?

peace love and deep deep sleep...

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