Saturday, 20 February 2010

blog No. 11.

So yesterday I felt quite nauseous all day. Wasn't good. I am nearly at the point where i get break from my chemo for a few days. Tuesday will be the last day i take my home chemo until the week after I can't wait to have a rest from these pills. Apparently it's the week off when you feel sickest. So we will have to wait and see. but just having a break will be nice.

I called the doctor yesterday to sort out some sleeping tablets. I got so excited at the thought of having a good nights sleep. I am starting to forget what an actual long deep sleep is. The stupid doctor gave me pills called FUPENTIXOL. Its the WRONG stuff. I looked this stuff up on the net once I had got them to see what they where as they didn't come with the exciting leaflet. They are an anti psychotic and cause insomnia.

I can't tell you how annoyed that made me. Honestly I could have killed someone. And as i got them in the evening I now cant do anything about it until Monday. I thought YEEEESSSS I am gonna have a nice sleep tonight. Then i get the wrong thing. Its the receptionist fault getting the phone convo wrong or mixed up. Why do the receptionist at the doctors think they are doctors because they work in surgery. oh well.

I am thinking of coming to Glasgow as so far today I feel ok. I am going to go the pub. Don't worry I am not going to drink. I attempted to have one drink last night. but after 3 or 4 sips i felt rather sick. I may also go out for food i check me. But yes tonight I will be out will be amazing to see people.

My sister will be coming with me to make sure i am ok. so if anyone i know in Glasgow is free tonight then come along and say hi.

I don't how much tv i have watched over the last few months but i think i am addicted to it hahaha. I still cant believe it was stacey i am honestly shocked. Cant believe that I am having feelings about tv. I have gone slightly mental being locked in the house. Maybe the doctor did prescribe the right thing?

Anyway I am off to have a breakfast of galaxy chocolate and pancakes. I have become a real chocoholic. MENTAL.

today's thought...

how do you eat yours?

peace love and anti psychotic madness.


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