Saturday, 13 February 2010

blog No. 4.

So its now Saturday and how strange i no longer miss the weekend. I used to live for the weekend. The weekend is what its all about right. I don't seem to know what day of the week it is most of the time. Its almost a wee bubble I am in.

Today people will have hangovers and self inflicted pains and be in bed regretting much of friday night. How I miss that. waking up wondering what did I do last night.

Today I have a good dose of the shakes so its almost like i went out last night. Don't have much energy even the daylights bothering me. I feel a bit more upbeat than yesterday so it must have been jeremy kyle in the background making me morbid.

Todays quite a strange day as I have been getting prayed for. There is a saint called padre pio who's relic is travelling the world. I have it. It arrived today. He died of cancer and has cured people of this disease. I am not a religious person but to be picked and allowed o have something so precious is a wonderful gift. Its something on a pin that he wore. But to have something that belongs to a saint is pretty cool in anyones book. They are doing a special blessing and mass for me which is humbling, I don't know these people and as I said I am not religious. But I still think it's beautiful.

I just wanted to share a little today as I am really tired and have some visitors coming out to see me so should rest and bathe which Is gonna be harsh grrr.

so todays thought is

If my finger was hanging off would you tell me? I know if your a true pal by your answer by the way.

peace love and hula hoops



  1. I don't know you, but i saw once out in london. Ive been reading your blog for the last 4 days and i would definately tell you if your finger was hanging off.

  2. i think from laughing...i'd have to tell you..but i'd like to keep it hanging until you noticed...'oh look ma finger's hangin off'