Friday, 26 February 2010

Blog No. 17.

I am now back in Glasgow and feeling my good old (bad) self. I have just been to see my psychologist and got the process of mental healing (again) back on track. I managed to have a good cry and they are going to be seeing regularly which is good. They said the emotions are going to be like a ripple effect. They are a really good team where I go and being seen by the same people, who for some reason remembered me.

The one of things I worry about is my mental health. I am well again thanks to the lithium. But with all this stress I am scared I may get ill. That would be catastrophic.

I am really looking forward to my night at rosies tonight. Shes so sweet and beautiful and I know we will dance on pillows like the good old days so that the neighbours downstairs don't hear us banging. I hope her boyfriend has had is apron and been baking. apparently he's really good. I will let you know. I am excited for drinks and cakes haha, how modern.

Tomorrow I go to largs to stay for the night and will be going to the best ice cream parlour, nardini's It will be amazing they do irn bru flavour ice cream. I used to love an irn bru or red cola ice cream float. I am gonna have sundaes and a milkshake, double ice cream heaven.

I have a malteasers bunny to eat gonna bight its head off and eat it mmmmm.

So i will now leave you with my thought of the day,

What is salt made from?

peace love and pillow dancing


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  1. have a good night,eat ,drink and be gonna be ok .. xxxxx