Thursday, 25 February 2010

Blog No. 16.

Oops like horny 13 yr old girl I'm late. Sorry for the delay but i got distracted visiting my granny.
She has Alzheimer's and takes up time. She does make me laugh tho she has a great sense of humour. And some the things she comes out with are crazy. She has about ten handbags stuffed full of money and can never find any of them.

She packed my pops stuff for the hospital. Just as well we looked in it first as it was a bra nightdress and her slippers. I know its a shame but it was so funny even she laughed.

I am glad to be having this week off today I feel really good. Have got in touch with 2 people i have not heard from for a long time. I missed both of them very much especially my friend G. It was my fault me and him lost touch and I will have to do a lot to put things right. Its not for all your ears what happened.

He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. We where so close and he is so the opposite of me image wise. People would be like how did you even meet. He's a big straight guy and I am the gay tattooed freak we looked so odd next to each other. Like when someone wheres shoes that don't match there outfit. It has made me so happy to hear from him today.

Good things are happening, like my dinner being made, Cajun chicken it smells so good. The snow is still ball deep here and I am worried that I am going to get snowed in. I have an appointment with my therapist tomorrow so need to get back to Glasgow.

I also need to get back as going to my friend rosie's flat for a night of alcohol and cakes. I am soo looking forward to a good old knees up. Will be nice.

I am staring to get p**sed off at people asking how I am. So in future read this and If I am not good you will know hahaha.

I like this feeling of goodness I have today, combination of reacquainting with old friends and time of chemo and feeling a lot less lousy.

My thought of the day is...

Should vegans and vegetarians be allowed to eat meat flavoured stuff?

peace love and yum yum times.



  1. Real question is: can you blag it in at Mono with chicken wings in your bag? Yes you can. We did.
    Salope x

  2. hahahhahhahaha tios salop bisou bisous