Sunday, 28 February 2010

Blog No. 18/19.

So yesterday I decided to to take the day off. Not off from my blog, but off from cancer. So not writing the blog was part of it. On Friday night I went to my friend Rosie's house. Before we went there we went to the brunswick hotel where I used to work and met my friend Stephen and Zoe. Two of my faves. Then Gill came and met us there. To have a night in the pub was amazing. Just being surrounded by fun and lively people, people who don't know I'm sick.

We headed to Rosie's house. We drank, we danced, we sang and I was surrounded by three total babes. Her boyfriend stoo had made us thee most amazing ginger ale scones. Little tastes of heaven they where, he also donated to me a very stunning black rabbit fur, Russian hat.

After Rosie's house i went Nice 'n' Sleazy's. Didn't have to Que as my pal Bonner was on the door. I saw loads of familiar faces Including my odd shoe G. What a blast I had dancing in the basement, laughing at people and drinking and just being "normal" It felt like the night of my life I was teary at some points just because I was happy. Haven't felt that in a long time. That buzz of being out, having fun. First Fun I had in months and boy did I grab with both hands.

After the dancing had stopped, I went to my non matching shoes house. A few people showed up and we had such a laugh. Just like old times. Kris and gill popped over later and we had a nice cosy chat and cigarette. Don't ask gill what she's doing as she's just dancing hahahaha.

After a rest it was time for my "holiday" my overnight trip to largs. Going to stay at my sisters boyfriend, Stephens parents house who are away on holiday. I was exhausted. But what a time I have had. Its only about 40 minutes from Glasgow and is a seaside town. Amusements, fish and chips, ice cream parlours, pubs and wind. I have decided the look of the village is windswept.

Even the signposts have the look of the season. We decided to start drinking as soon as we got there. One in the afternoon. The vodka I must say revived me. We headed into the village where it all goes on. We had a delicious lunch, and i had delicious cocktails. Bought myself a fancy lighter to cheer myself up. I bought 2 scarecrows as well.

After lunch and shopping we headed back to the house with more alcohol and cigarettes. We got rather merry and ordered windswept Chinese food. Magnus my sis's b/f's friend ordered it and ordered sooo much food we actually had a buffet. There was whole of portions of food leftover when we departed today.

We then got ready and headed to quite a nice bar in the village. After about 10 minutes I was really tired. Couldn't finish my drink so went home. My sister stayed out with her b/f and I went into a coma. I got to bed 11pm and slept until 7.30 this morning.

I woke up refreshed as I paced myself with the alcohol. This morning we went to the famous nardini's for ice cream. The place has been there since the 1930's and is its original art deco wonderfulness. The ice-cream was an orgasm in my mouth. So delicious. I had sundae with honeycomb toffee chocolate and more chocolate with vanilla milkshake on the side. An overdose of ice-cream me thinks YUMSH.

We then went to a little shop and bought some gifts and headed to the amusement arcades.
Won no money but had a blast on 2 roller coaster simulators. They where hilarious made me and sister bang our heads together (we needed it). After that we wanted to ten pin bowl, but it was booked up. :-( swines.

I am now writing this on my way home in the car (thank god for dongles) I would like to thank everyone who has played part in this weekend from the bottom of my heart, even those of you are not mentioned. For making this thee most fun time for me. I feel chilled and almost ready for hospital mode tomorrow for my blood tests, then Tuesday back onto the chemotherapy.

So for my last night of freedom I am meeting up with la roux aka Georgia for drinkys (yes more) and a right good laugh. Cant wait.

So until tomorrow I will leave you with my thought of the day...

who ate all the prawn toast?

peace love and hairspray


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