Monday, 15 February 2010

blog No. 6.

What a day of days it is today. Talk about rain outside its pouring down. And on the day I get to go outside. I am not going to the funfair before you ask, or for ice cream... mmmm.

Today I have a trip to the hospital. I am writing this whilst waiting on the hospital transport to come along. I get to see what the cancer spread looks like, I have already seen the tumour so today its the spread in my abdomen. I am quite nervous about it as no matter how bad I think it is just now its all visual in my mind. Its not real.

But at least today I will get to see what I am battling. What this f**king thing is.

The hospital have also arranged for me to meet the team doing my care so will be interesting to see what people are doing.

I would rather stay in doors and out the way as I am feeling lousy today. No energy at all and the thought of being in the hospital for a few hours isn't thrilling me. I have a sore mouth and its starting to ulcer so they better give me stuff for it or I'll snap.

I dont wanna say to much today as I have to get ready for the hospital now and instead I am doing this. I need a secretary...

todays thought....

wonderbra or wonderwoman???

peace love and cheese...



  1. How about wonderwoman with a wonderbra on?

    Can i suggest if they don't give you something then you give them a sore mouth? That'll soon make them sit up and listen.

    :) xx

  2. i'll go for wonderwoman as i can't fit in a wonderbra ! lol
    Anyway i found my cousin today and discovered he had cancer ! we haven't seen each other for a number of years and i always wondered how he was and what he was up to , Like most people in this world family and friends drift apart for different reasons but then one day something happens that brings a tear to your eye and then you can't stop thinking of them.

    So hello Paul my cousin !!! i was shocked to hear your news and i am now following your blog everyday , kay passed on your number to me so i will be sending you a text , funny the picture i had in my head is not the one i see here you look like one of my mates from the pub. Take care cuz and speak soon Love Lou xx

  3. awh louise. when i am better we can go to the pub. i am soo happy to hear from my family and friends all of whom I love. this does have postives after all.