Thursday, 11 March 2010

Blog No. 30.

Wow cant believe I have been doing this blog for 30 days. EVERY day. I am usually rubbish at keeping things like this up. Quite a surprise I have managed to get this far without stopping. I am starting to feel OK again now the intro-chemo is wearing off.

My immune system will be down just now so I need to be careful of colds and coughs. So staying in doors is a must until Saturday.

Yesterday my friend Loretta came to visit me and gave me information on cancer fighting foods that are natures chemo. And the prevent you from getting cancer. The best things are red fruits and veg's like red grapes, chilli's and tomato's. Garlic and dark chocolate is also good for killing cancer. So a trip to the supermarket will be in order to stock up on cancer killing foods.

It all makes for interesting reading and there's evidence that food shrinks tumours and can kill cancer cells so nothing to loose.

I think by the end of this I will be a walking chemist/doctor/hippy. I learn so much all the time when my head is clear enough to do so. But its not clear all the time and is always buzzing with info. There's so much to take in I have piles and piles of nooks, leaflets brochures on everything.

I have a nice visitor coming over tonight but its all private so not for your eyes. Looking forward to seeing him and watching hocus pocus awhhh hahaha boooook.

My body is like a broken boiler today. One minute cold next minute sweating its not a good look for me.

I got another box of sweets in the post from cousin Louise. She's a bit potty but she is my cousin so I will accept her with open arms (and sweets). Its sweets you used to get like sweet tobacco and golden nuggets gum and a wham bar OOOOoooo.

I love getting stuff in the post I am awaiting a parcel from America which i hope arrives for Saturday as my whole look revolves around it. I will be gutted if it don't come in time major gutted.

I am going to go as that box of sweets has shouted on me...

So my thought of the day is...

What would you do for my last rolo?

Peace love and sugar daddies

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