Friday, 19 March 2010

Blog No. 37.

Thank god for anti-biotics. They have almost killed this damn mouth infection after day, and I don't feel like a Lion with a thorn in its paw. Quite a relief I tell thee. I am now out in the country for an overnight to give me wonderful sister some time to herself.

She's so amazing and has been looking after me so well. She always has. I just wish she didn't have to this isn't pleasant for me being ill but I couldn't imagine being in her shoes. Wondering whats going on with her little brother. But she's always there for me and knows exactly what to do and how to make me smile.

She is more than a sister she is my protector, my guardian, my life. I owe the universe to her and more and she doesn't realise how amazing she actually is. That's one of the things I love about her. I am so proud of her and always have been. She is my brightest star in all the galaxy's and the warmest sun in all the universe's.

One day I am going to do something truly amazing for her just so she knows how magnificent she is. Everything I do including this horrible chemo is for her she gives me the power and love I need to soldier on even when I want to quit there she is swinging her toes, fiddling her rings and giving me courage.

Claire I have all this love for you and will never be able to tell you or show you enough because its too huge to show or explain.

She is amazing and one day all her efforts and struggles will be eased and she will be truly shining more brightly than she is now, if that is even possible.

My thought of the day?

Don;t sweat the small stuff it means nothing as long as if you are alive, loved, and have food in your belly and somewhere to sleep, when you realise this you will be happy.

Peace love and sibling-hood!

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