Friday, 12 March 2010

Blog No. 31.

Well today's blog is a bit late but i have been preoccupied having a really nice time. So better late than never.

My spirits are higher today as I am feeling better as my system is now tolerating the chemo. Still not amazing tho but my stomach seems to have calmed down, I am sleeping and feel like normal energy levels. I get tired quick like walking to the shop takes it out of me. But still an improvement.

Today I have made an appointment to go and have deep tissue massage. My back is in serious need of it especially as I am mainly lying about doing nothing. The good thing is it boost your immune system.

I am having it done next Saturday on my week off just in time for starting the next lot of chemo. So my immune system will be tip top.

I am currently organising and burning CD's for my club night tomorrow. Have a billion new tracks to sort out so I am going to be mega busy. You have no idea how excited I am about tomorrow.

DJ'ing is my life and tomorrow its going to be a night I will never forget. Everyone I know is coming and that means the world to me. I will probably be emotional at some points in the night but will be due to being happy and also sad that I cant do what I want when I want.

But the night is going to be amazing and so special. So if your coming I look forward to seeing you there and controlling your bodies with my beats.


Anyway I am very busy so will leave you with my thought of the day...

Vanilla or chocolate????

peace love and ice cream

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