Saturday, 13 March 2010

Blog No. 32.

So today is Saturday. I have my club night tonight. I am so excited I cant even begin to tell you. Looking forward to everything about seeing faces old and new. Playing music, dancing and just having fun.

The night is going to be majorly busy which is good for me and good for them too. I am going to spend my day doing nothing. I organised all my CD's last night so that something I don't have to do today. Thank goodness as I am gonna be stressed out doing nothing.

My friend Clara is coming over to mines to get ready after her work. Shes a total riot and good laugh. So looking forward to that and her big bank account way nae money in it haha (private joke).

I am taking my chemo early so that i can judge the side effects and get the tired feeling out the way. So next batch at 6 when I have my dinner.

So my plan of action for tonight is Clara, dinner, chemo, shower, make up, outfit out....

sounds like an easy day but it will all take up so much time. So until Clara arrives I will be doing nothing and will have a nap in the afternoon so that I am totally refreshed for tonight.

Anyway I have just wet myself with excitement so better go and change...

my thought of the day is...

dirty house or naughty electro?

peace love and misbehaving


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