Saturday, 20 March 2010

Blog No. 38.

I cant believe a week has gone past since my club night. Weeks fly in days merge into one for me just now. I still have this abscess but its getting better and that's all that counts.
Today I am going for deep tissue massage as the Glasgow Physiotherapy Centre with a guy called Trevor.

I keep imagining him to be called big Trev on a night out. This is my first massage ever and its for an hour. Hopefully I will come out rejuvenated and relaxed.

Tonight I am also going for a good old knee's up mother brown. Looking forward to that as on Monday its back into hospital mode. Anyway I am not thinking of that just now I still have two days of freedom. Freedom and bliss apart from the mouth infection.

Its really annoyed me this mouth infection as I have had 2 weeks of pill popping and now on my week off have had to stuff myself full of antibiotics the swines.

anyways today's blog is short and sweet as I have loads to do

so today's thought...

Deep tissue massage mmmmmmm.....

peace love and rub downs


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