Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Blog No. 46.

So last night was amazing, well eventually it was. I was so exhausted and tired most of the day and at the last minute I got the little boost of energy, It was all I needed. Chris came done my hair did, and we called a taxi at 6pm, I wanted to be there for 6.30 to the meet and great with the ladies. I was starting at 7pm 6.50pm and still no cab.

I was a mess of stress and had to eventually go out into the street with the rain and the cold and flag one. I made it flustered and was only 10 minutes late. But my plan for the evening was wasted.

I was stressed and annoyed for like ten minutes after I got there but the night, what a night. There was 2 bands on before the ladies who where both good. But nothing beats Robots In Disguise live. There energy captivates you and pretty girl playing electro rock n roll with their own guitars gets you no matter what you persuasion is.

The gig was so much fun and I was drunk, I did have to be sick but took anti sickness pills and continued.

The ladies then came and met us in my "local" haunt for a few drinks and we had a laugh. Wasn't a big night out but was just pleasurable and it has done what I knew it would and lifted my spirits and My light got to shine, even for an hour on battery saving mode last night.

My thought of the day...

Whats really the best form of medicine?

Peace loving Robot



  1. Music and dancing is the best medicine - something you give freely my darling! Glad you had a nice night with the sexy robots.Xx

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  3. P.S...If music and dancing are the best medicine and these are both things that you give to people, then that means that you are the best medicine. The healing power is within. Always. You show me that more than anyone.X