Monday, 15 March 2010

blog No. 33.

well I didn't do a blog yesterday I was too busy enjoying myself. Saturday night was absolutely amazing. I felt like my life was normal for a night and forgot about everything. Was amazing having everyone i know come along. Dancing on tables falling off them.

I got a bit messy (no surprise) but the night was absolutely amazing. And thank you to everyone for making it what it was. I play the music and you supply the love dancing and mayhem and made the night really what it was. I had the most amazing time. So thank you for it.

I ended up some mad tranny's party and I have never laughed so much in my life. Lyndsay you are to funny for your own good. Two people turned up and surprised me one from London, mark and the other Alex who travelled from inverness. It was the best surprise and I cant tell you what that meant to me you two doing that.

I got a bit emotional at the end as I wish my life was what it was and because I was so happy. Happy with all of you who came and happy that I got to do and be where I love.

I feel rough as hell today (Monday) but it has been worth it more than worth it.
I am still lifted from the night and that's just what I needed. amazing.

Thank you guys so much your all my stars.

my thought of the day is...

Dancing on tables or falling off them?

peace love and bruised knees.


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